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Muscle Activation Techniques Master Level Specialist, Rx - Foot Function, Rx - Hand Function, Certified Kinesiology Specialist, Sports Nutrition Specialist, Resisting Training Specialist Master Program,  Certified Personal Trainer

Who we are

Muscle Activation of Charlotte is the Carolina's premier location for Biomechanical consulting and Muscle Activation Techniques. We provide a multifaceted approach to give the greatest possible care in restoring neuromuscular control and joint function through non-invasive techniques. We have a major emphasis on the combined evaluation of bio-motor control and intra-articular joint function. For complicated cases we offer a combined evaluation with two sets of differently trained eyes to help reach the appropriate presciption for treatment.


Through advanced education, certification and specialized techniques we at Muscle Activation of Charlotte make it our mission to safely and effectively improve the function of one's musculoskeletal health.

Ben Wicks Biomechanical Consultant and MAT Master Practitioner
Benjamin M. Wicks
Dr. Markel Biomechanical Consultant
Dr. Nevin K. Markel

Dr. Markel provides cutting-edge injury treatment, rehabilitation and injury prevention training programs to professional and recreational athletes. The focus of Dr. Markel is bridging the gap between injuries and dysfunction to athletic training and athletic performance. Among the services offered by Dr. Markel:

       Athlete Movement Screenings and Gait Analysis

       Treatment and Injury Prevention Programs

       Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Exercise Programs


These services combine with sports performance training to help athletes avoid injury, recover from injury and improve performance as quickly as possible. Dr. Markel has an extensive background in sports medicine as he served on the sports medicine staffs of two Division 1 universities and has extensive experience working with NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA and Olympic athletes. Dr. Markel combines these experiences with specialized techniques such as Dry Needling, Accupuncture, Active Release Techniques©, Functional Range Release, FAT Tools and exercise therapies to treat a wide variety of conditions. Dr. Markel works one-on-one with clients to design and implement customized training and rehabilitation programs.

Benjamin Wicks is a Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Master Certified Specialist who has been helping people in the health and wellness industry since 2004. He is the owner of Muscle Activation of Charlotte and is currently the only Muscle Activation Techniques Mastery Practitioner in the Charlotte area who has also been trained in the MATRx system. Ben has helped every day people from all walks of life with Muscle Activation Treatments. He is a biomechanical consultant and has treated professional athletes from The PGA Tour, numerous NFL teams, US Olympic 2012 Track and Field Athletes, 2012 and 2016 Olympic Swimmers, Professional Wrestlers, college lacrosse and soccer teams, also members of the U.S. Special Forces. Ben also spent two years traveling part time working with  Golfers on the PGA Tour.  Ben has devoted his life to helping athletes perform at a higher level, as well as assisting everyday people in transitioning from injuries and surgeries to a full  recovery. He has completed numerous educational courses with hundreds of CEC hours in both the biomechanics and health industries in order to provide the best possible service to his clientele. He also works part time as an educator in kinesiology and biomechanics, helping other practitioners, clinicians and trainers in the evaluation process of the musculoskeletal system.

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