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 Acute Injury Recovery


Chronic injury correction


Postural Evaluations


Neuromuscular Evaluations


Biomechanical Consulting for  increasing Athletes performance


Corrective Exercises for injury rehab or prevention


What is MAT?

MAT is a powerful assessment and treatment therapy which analyses and corrects muscular imbalances via the nervous system. MAT takes a comprehensive look at the nervous system as an intelligent super computer which controls the systems of the body including the muscular system. MAT's niche is in trying to understand why some muscles might be weak while others are tight and painful. A better understanding of an intelligent motor control system gives the practitioner better judgement on where root causes of muscular and joint pain may be derived from  and how to intervene effectively. 


We provide services and treatment for  people from all walks of life. Typically MAT is well known by professional athletes who wish to perform better, along with sports injury recovery and chronic injury managment.

If you have found this form of treatment, you have more than likely been unsuccessful with other modalities and have been searching for answers along with frustration, your case will be looked at thoroughly through a polar opposite paradigm which has not been addressed before! 

Charlotte's Premier Provider

muscle activation techniques charlotte


Muscle Activation of Charlotte provides a multifaceted approach to giving the best possible care for restoring muscular integrity and joint stability for people from all walks of life. A major emphasis of Muscle Activation of Charlotte is on the Evaluation of the neuromuscular system which controls the forces through the axial skeleton.


We pride ourselves on spending more time in the evaluation phase than most providers. We firmly believe that without a highly detailed evaluation, the form and thought process of the intervention could inherently have limited results. We evaluate not only for our specialised treatments, but we also provide specialized evaluations for other healthcare providers. This is to provide them with a more informed view on their patient's neuromuscular integrity.


Through advanced education, certification and specialized techniques, we at Muscle Activation of Charlotte make it our mission to safely and effectively improve the function of one's musculoskeletal heatlh.

Provide the optimal environment for healing


10345 Nations Ford Road,

Charlotte, NC 28273 Suite C


P: 813.767.0582

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